How to Work Better From Home

Whether you've been working from home for a while now, or were thrown into it because of the pandemic, finding your groove can be a struggle.

When your work is always in close proximity, it can be hard to turn off. After working from home for 8+ years, I know the struggle all too well, but have found things to help over the years.

These are my best tips for work life balance while working from home. I know "work life balance" is a loaded term and it means different things to different people. 

I believe the goal isn't to shoot for perfection. You may never feel 100% balanced, but you can do small things day-to-day to help yourself from feeling burnt out, overwhelmed or overly stressed.

It's those minor changes that, over time, add up to an overall feeling of balance between work/life at home.

Watch for my tips on finding work life balance while working from home:

Hope these tips help you stay centred, happy and mentally healthy while we navigate this "new normal" together.

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