Learn How To Plan And Batch Your Content Like A Pro In Just 45 Minutes

Build a rock solid content plan, attract your ideal clients and grow your biz

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Complete Zero-Fluff Course With Lifetime Access and Unlimited Replays

Six value-packed modules, including all future updates of the course.

Done For You Spreadsheets To Make Content Planning Quick & Easy

Yep, I'm doing all the heavy lifting for you. Just open up the spreadsheets and you're flying!

Learn the Grid Method for Planning 30 Days of Content in Just One Hour

Post more in less time! With the Grid Method, plan 30 posts in the same time it can take to plan just one without this strategy. 

Step by Step Planoly Tutorial to Batch and Schedule Your Content Like A Pro

Come with me into my Planoly account to see how I batch content, step by step with absolutely no tech headaches.

Expand Your Reach Exponentially With The 10x10 Viral Content Strategy

Results from using the strategies in this course.

Results come from plans. Plain and simple.

Nail down your content strategy, expand your reach and save LOADS of time with the ninja tips and strategies in this course.

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What People Are Saying ⇣

"Now I've taken a few different courses about content planning. They were a monstrous amount of money and still didn't share as much as you did. I have picked up some huge gems."

Satnam Kaur

If you haven't seen results on Instagram, let me tell you exactly why.

You haven't been consistent. And you haven't been consistent because you don't have a solid content plan.

Posting lead-generating content on a consistent basis is exactly how I grew my account from 1 to over 10k in a year and more importantly, how I started attracting my dream clients to my business.

I know it can be overwhelming. There's so much information out there about what you should be doing to grow your account. That's why I'm making it real simple for you in this Instagram Content Planning Mini-Course.

The Instagram Content Plan shows you exactly what you need to know to implement a successful Instagram strategy. I know how busy you are, so it's as condensed and concise as possible. 👌🏽

We've been propelled into a time where more people are online and engaging with businesses on Instagram than ever before.

If there's any time to have a plan, it's now.

If you're serious about using Instagram to grow your business, don't miss out on this opportunity. $7 and 45 minutes to completely level up. Tell me what you have to lose. 😉


What You'll Learn 🤓

Module 1: Welcome [5:22]

Module 2: Nailing Down Your 5 Content Pillars [6:57]

Module 3: 8 Categories of Lead-Generating Posts [7:05]

Module 4: The 10x10 Viral Content Strategy (Spreadsheet Included) [5:06]

Module 5: The Grid Method to Plan 30 Days of Content in 1 Hour (Spreadsheet Included) [8:34]

Module 6: Batching and Scheduling Your Content (Step by Step Planoly Tutorial Included) [12:18]

Meet Your Instructor

Hey, I'm Jenny!

I went from unfulfilled, stressed out corporate lawyer to 6-figure lifestyle entrepreneur and I truly believe that with clear plans and effective strategies, we can grow our businesses, have time to spend with loved ones, take good care of ourselves and yes, have it all. 

See you in the course!

If you're serious about your business, you need a content plan.

It's a no brainer. See you in there!

Note: Results vary and are based on implementation. Your purchase does not promise or guarantee success.

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