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How Tim Ferriss' Slow Carb Diet helped me lose 10 pounds in 68 days

Confession time. I’m a HUGE Tim Ferriss fan. I think Four Hour Work Week should have been called “How to do Life”. I use it like a manual. It’s one of the main reasons I’ve been so motivated to build my business and create the freedom to work from anywhere. Recently my husband, Mat, picked up Four Hour Body and decided to give the slow carb diet  (SCD) a go. I tagged along and tried it for 68 days. I lost 10 pounds, going from 112 to 102 (I'm 5'1"). Here are my results.

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4 steps to more meaningful relationships

We all yearn for deep connections. Shallow relationships just don’t cut it anymore. Personally, the best times of my life are spent sitting with friends connecting on a real level, sharing our struggles, the lessons we’re learning and just generally what we’re experiencing as "spiritual beings having a human experience".

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Your achievable wellness program for 2018

The time is upon us to create a laundry list of things we hope to accomplish, attain and experience in the new year and undoubtedly includes things we resolve to do to take better care of ourselves. If you’re like me, you start out over-confident and throw everything on the list. If it's on the list, it will get done, right?!Yeah, no. Here's what actually happens.

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