Your achievable wellness program for 2018

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The time is upon us to create a laundry list of things we hope to accomplish, attain and experience in the new year and undoubtedly includes things we resolve to do to take better care of ourselves. If you’re like me, you start out over-confident and throw everything on the list. If it's on the list, it will get done, right?!

Yeah, no. Here's what actually happens.

I cram everything in: dry brushing, meditating (morning and night), yoga (every damn day), drinking more water, flossing, working out (on top of yoga every damn day), eating greens at every meal and on and on. I start out with the best of intentions only to realize that just looking at the list makes me want to take a nap, so I give up by January 3rd.



After a stressful two year period with some personal struggles and lots of changes in my business, I’ve decided that I just can’t afford to let myself off the wellness hook anymore.

Having great intentions is worthless without real action.

Instead of trying to do everything at once and overwhelming myself, I’m focusing on a solid commitment to one habit per month. Twelve mini-challenges. 

By focusing on one habit per month, it's easier to split test and really see what the effects are of implementing that particular habit for one month straight. If it makes me feel great, the habit will hopefully solidify as we all know that the best way to manifest something in your life is to feel it first.

January's challenge is 31 days without coffee. I'm allowing myself caffeine from green tea if I really need it, but no coffee. 


Coffee is a major adrenal drainer. Our adrenal glands are linked to many functions in our bodies, but the main is our flight/fight response that kicks in when we're stressed. When we're over stressed, our adrenals get taxed and it becomes difficult for them to do their thing. A vicious circle. Stress begets more stress.

I'm ready to heal my body from the negative effects of the last couple years. After we run a marathon, do we get right back up and start another one? No. We rest, recharge and do everything our bodies need to recover. We need to think about stress in the same way.

My 2018 wellness schedule is below. Comment below if you're in - let's recharge and crush the rest of the year!


Your Achievable Wellness PROGRAM for 2018


January: Coffee detox


February: 30 min workout; daily


March: Meditation; 15 min morning and night


April: Epsom salt baths; 2x per week


May: Yoga; daily


June: Journaling; morning (gratitude) and night (brain dump)


July: Eat/drink greens; daily


August: Dry brushing; daily


September: 2L of water; daily


October: Alcohol detox


November: Processed sugar detox


December: 1 hr digital detox before bed; daily