5 websites every aspiring entrepreneur should bookmark

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5 websites every aspiring entrepreneur should bookmark.png

Starting a business can be daunting. With all the moving pieces and the fact that entrepreneurs need to wear all the hats, especially at the beginning, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details. There are a ton of online resources, but even they can be hard to navigate.

Well, good news. I’ve made it easy for ya. Here are a few websites that every aspiring entrepreneur (i.e. YOU) should bookmark:

1.      Canva

THE site to go to if you’re looking to make a graphic of any kind. Twitter headers, website graphics, logos, presentations, social media posts, profile pictures – all be done on Canva and with their premade templates, you can make anything look professional and put together.

2.      YouTube

This one is almost so obvious that it gets overlooked. We tend to forget that behind all the cat videos lays a wealth of knowledge. Whatever you’re trying to figure out, there’s likely someone out there that has been in your shoes and has made a video on it. Before you sign up for any expensive courses, hit up YouTube for free material.

3.      Udemy

When you’ve tapped out Youtube and are ready to invest in online learning, Udemy has courses on absolutely everything you might want to know. You’re able to preview lectures to make sure the course content and instructor meet your expectations before dropping any dollars.

4.      Marie Forleo

Marie shares tons of value on her award-winning YouTube channel. She tackles common hurdles every week, knows what she’s talking about and offers an online course called B-School to help get your business off the ground. By enrolling in B-School, you also gain access to a private Facebook group of aspiring entrepreneurs just like yourself. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely game, so take every chance you get to tap into the power of community!

5.      ProBlogger

This one seems specific to businesses that run a blog, but whether you’re running a blog as your main deal or are looking for ways to drive traffic to your website, ProBlogger is chock full of tips and there’s also a podcast with relatively short, but highly useful, episodes.