The easiest way to start a business you're passionate about

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We spin our wheels trying to find that perfect business idea to finally start our side hustle or quit our 9-5. We feel the itch to start something, to inject more passion into our lives, to gain more independence and freedom, but wait around for a ground-shaking a-ha or magical vision with a clear cut path and a guarantee of success.

It doesn’t work that way though, so another day passes... and another one… and another one. A year goes by and nothing has changed. We’re still sitting around waiting.

But you know what? You’ve already found it. You’re sitting on it. It’s staring right back at you from your smart phone.  

In your free time, what do you spend your time doing or reading up on? What types of podcasts, books or YouTube channels do you find yourself drawn to out of genuine interest? What’s your automatic go to just because you get enjoyment from it?

How can you monetize what you’ll continue to do for free anyway?

By focusing on what you’re already doing, it’s so much easier to just start because you’re not changing what you’re doing, just changing how you’re doing it. You already have the knowledge and the passion, now you’re just channeling that into something that can make you money instead of just banking that information.

Some examples:

You love wine, you already know more than the average person and you’re always browsing to learn more or trying out new bottles.

Start a wine review blog/YouTube channel/IG account. Share your knowledge with those that don’t know the difference between a merlot and malbec (me).

You have a knack for interior design and constantly receive compliments on your home. You love browsing showhomes for design ideas. Your Pinterest boards are full of home inspo.

Start curating, put some real time and effort into building up your Pinterest board like a pro and start a blog. Pinterest is one of the leading sources for blog traffic – your pins could make it rain!

You love listening to podcasts on health or reading up on nutrition.

Start your own podcast, interview local nutritionists and share what you’re eating, products you love, etc.

We tend to think that because we know something, every else must, but the truth is, if you’re spending your time on something on a day to day basis or even just a few times a week, you know way more than you think you do. You don’t need to be all-knowing to become an expert in a niche.

When you find yourself dreaming of starting your own business, either as a passion project, side hustle or to leave your 9-5 for good, ask yourself:

How can you monetize what you’re doing anyway?

Impatiently waiting for you to just do the damn thing,

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