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4 ways to integrate what you learn from self help books

There comes a time in every self help junkie’s life that we have to put down the books and start taking action. We can literally read all the books, listen to all the podcasts, go to all the seminars, register for all the webinars, but if we don’t actively start integrating what we’re learning, we’re not going to see lasting, meaningful changes.

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The mindset shift that will help you through any challenge

The challenges we face in life and business can be overwhelming at times. When setbacks start to pile up, it’s easy to become disheartened and exhausted.What we know for sure is that within struggle, we learn what’s needed to take us to the next level. Looking back on previous hardship, we can clearly see what we learned and how it has helped us moving forward. 

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4 simple mindfulness exercises for beginners

Imagine only brushing your teeth when they got fuzzy and your breath could take down a small army. Brushing is a an easy habit to implement because we can see (and smell) the direct impact of neglect. Unfortunately, we don't think about our minds the same way. Since we can't see the consequences, we tend to let things get "fuzzy" up there for longer...

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