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How to Start Creating Content About Your Passions

entrepreneurship Jan 10, 2020

If you’re feeling the urge to share something you’re passionate about with the world, you’re not alone.

It's fulfilling to share ourselves with like minds. Our connection with others and our environment is reinforced when our voice is heard and acknowledged and it’s through self-expression that we see we’re not alone in our inner thoughts.

Without an outlet for expression, we often end up turning to friends and family with our thoughts and opinions, which certainly isn’t bad thing, but there’s a big difference between your community and your Tribe.

Your community are the people around you that love you. Your family and friends.

Tribe are those people that are passionate about the same things you are and don’t mind talking for hours on end about them, allowing you to express at your fullest, allowing them to express at their fullest and fuelling each other's fires in the process.

Whether that be sharing poetry, fan fiction, blogs, recommendations, experiences, reviews, photos, videos or our philosophy of life, sharing our selves with others and connecting with our Tribe has never been easier. We are living in a very fortunate time when anyone can publish and share. 

If you’ve been thinking about sharing your talents, passions, views or knowledge with the world, here are a few ways to start creating content:

1.      START A BLOG

Being tech averse, I love using drag and drop website/blog builders. Check out:




I've used all 3 and they're all great. You'll be up and writing in no time. The best way to not only gain a readership, but more importantly, find your voice, is by posting consistently. Set aside a few hours a week (I love Sunday mornings) to do some focused writing. Turn off your phone, get rid of any distractions and do some deep work.


As a very high-level overview, an easy way to start a podcast is by grabbing a decent mic on Amazon (check out the Blue Yeti at about $130 Canadian), an audio recorder (try QuickTime, which you might already have pre-installed on your computer or download Audacity for free) and set yourself up in a walk-in closet for the best sound insulation on the cheap.

You might be tempted to invest in the best of the best when it comes to equipment, but experiment with recording at least 3-4 episodes to see if you like this form of creating content before you invest a ton of money in it. To get published, you’ll need a podcast host (check out Buzzsprout or PodBean) to host your files and then you can submit your podcast directories like iTunes and Spotify for publication.

3.      IG AND IGTV

Instagram has 1 billion users. In terms of reaching an audience and connecting with like-minded people, starting an Instagram account in your niche is easy peasy. But keep in mind that it’s a highly visual platform. Be prepared to dedicate some time to finding high quality stock photos or taking your own photos. If you’re cool with that, you can start micro-blogging on Instagram in the captions. It’s a casual start to creating and sharing content and is a great way to connect with others in your niche.

IGTV which allows for long-form video content (up to 10 minutes for smaller accounts and up to 60 minutes for larger accounts). If you’ve always thought about riffing on YouTube, IGTV is a great place to warm yourself up. Videos are vertical, rather than horizontal like on YouTube, so there’s less pressure for it to be perfect or high quality. You can just record yourself on your phone and post that straight to IGTV.


If the highly visual stuff scares you or you’re not ready to commit to writing or podcasting, start tweeting in your niche. Find other users, follow popular hashtags and get in on the conversations. Twitter is a great way to start sharing your views and opinions without the time commitment of the other options.


It seems like the easiest way to self-express these days in online, but that’s not entirely true. If you’d rather connect in person, it’s just as easy to start a meet-up group on or join a group that already exists. This is a great way to connect with like-minded people in your local area and get started sharing your knowledge and passions with people that get fired up about the same topics.


Whatever medium you choose for your art, do yourself a favor and don’t think about monetization from the get-go. It takes time for people to learn more about you and develop a connection. It also takes time for you to learn how you best self-express. Give yourself time to develop your voice, to experiment, to play around with different outlets. Self-expression is one of the most fulfilling things you’ll ever do. Don’t cheapen the process by focusing on what you can get out of it. Focus on what you can give. The world is waiting for your unique perspective on the topic that you’re most interested in, so focus on how you can connect with others and how you can connect with yourself. Do it well and the rest will follow.

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