How to Add Line Breaks in Instagram Captions (Quick & Easy!)

instagram tips Jul 02, 2020

I'm not sure why this is still a thing. I mean, you can create line breaks on every other social media platform. With long-form captions being as popular as they are, why can't you just hit enter to insert a line break?!

Rant over.

Line breaks are key for making your caption more readable. If people come across a big chunk of clumped up text, they're less likely to stop. It just looks daunting.

So, here are two quick and easy workarounds!


1. Use periods or emojis

Insert a period or emoji as your line break, but this is important: be sure to delete any spaces you might have in between. End your first line, immediately hit enter, add an emoji or period, hit enter again and start your next line. It will appear like so:

If this isn't working for you, it's because you need to delete the spaces. Always proofread your captions before you post and while you're doing that, check for any sneaky spaces.

2. Use a scheduling app

The way you write you captions in most scheduling apps is how they'll appear on Instagram once posted. I use Planoly, which is free to use for up to 30 posts a month. It took me a little while to release control and auto-schedule my posts, but it's a total time saver.

Watch this quick video to see both of these tips in action and to see how easy it is to use Planoly for your posts:


Hope that was helpful! Leave a comment below with your Instagram Q's and I'll be sure to answer them.


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